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D level research is conducted under guidance of astrology wizard Mr.

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Gopal Bhattacharjee, Director and Principal of the Institute. After achieving Ph. D the astrologer will have free access to the digital journal of the institute to contribute articles on advanced astrology. He will also get opportunity for chamber practice. A brief history of Astrology and preliminary idea about various branches of astrology.

Master of KP/Vedic Astrology Dr Andrew Dutta (Shocking Insights) Lahiri vs. KP

Twelve signs of Zodiac, implication of their symbol classification and characteristic features. Nine Planets - Their significance, Bhavawise significance, Signwise classification as friend, enemy, neutral, exhalted, debilitated etc. Nakshatras - Their locations, lords and span. Yogas - Effects of benefic and malefic yogas.

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Preparation of Nabatara Chakra and Sannari Chakra - their significance and use in prediction. Making Navamsa chart and clarification of its utility.

Mathematical Astrology: Conversion of traditional birth time recorded in Danda, Pal etc. K on transit of Saturn and some of the tricks and tips written in that rare article about interpretation of transit results in general. This entire article is K. In this issue of JASA we have fantastic articles by 21 authors who have together contributed 24 articles of high calibre.

Nirmal Kothari ji , which I am sure will turn out to be a correct prediction. Also a very good piece of research has been done by V.

Murthy ji on Poets, authors and writers with very clear rules and precision. Apart from these, there are our regular authors in Meena2 Naadi Section and 4 Step Theory section who keep on providing us with high class and high quality astrological material by enriching us with their personal astrological experiential journey.

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It is my honor to publish their articles in this prestigious international journal of stellar astrology.